Success ballast for Files, Kajaia and Gdovic

Success ballast for Files, Kajaia and Gdovic

Luca Engstler, the youngest of the title contenders who is currently placed second in the TCR Middle East Series classification, will have an advantage compared to his closer competitors in Bahrain.
The German’s Volkswagen Golf GTi car will run on the minimum weight of 1285 kilograms, including the driver.
All of Engstler’s rivals’ cars will be laden by Success Ballast. Josh Files’ Honda Civic will carry the maximum 30-kilo ballast plus 30 kilos of BoP for a total running weight of 1345 kg; Davit Kajaia’s Alfa Romeo Giulietta will run at 1265 kg, including 20 kilos of ballast and a BoP reduction of 40 kilos; Brandon Gdovic’s Volkswagen will weigh 1295 kg with a ballast of 10 kilos.

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