Drivers’ quotes after Bahrain Qualifying

Drivers’ quotes after Bahrain Qualifying

Luca Engstler (pole position):“I’m very happy of this pole position that I conquered in ‘full attack’ mode. It was a tough session, where I also had a huge spin in my second-fastest lap. It’s not easy to find the right balance on this track, especially when you are carrying 30 kgs of success ballast, but the team did an excellent job. Of course, having my team mates behind me is perfect for tomorrow. I will try to stay cool and focused, and take things lap by lap.”

Kaj Jordan (2nd fastest): “I am really happy with this result. We progressed consistently in our set-up work and I had an almost perfect lap. The team did an excellent job and I managed to achieve my goal, which was to be in the Top-3. Tomorrow I will aim at a podium finish.”

Giacomo Altoè (4th fastest): “This is really a track where you see a difference between the Volkswagen and the Audi, it really suits the Golf perfectly! Although we did a pretty decent job, it is very difficult to compete against them... Tomorrow, we will see what we can do. It may be a different story as the weather forecast points to rain...”

Jordi Oriola (6th fastest): “I am a little bit frustrated, of course, and I also lost my best lap time because of a track limits infringement. The Golf here is also on a different level, also because their sequential gearbox gives them a huge advantage, with a perfect usage of ratios and much better traction.”


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