Driver quotes after the second practice

Driver quotes after the second practice

Michela Cerruti: “The car has been definitely improved. I am pleased with the handling, though we had a few issue with the brake pedal. The stroke is too long, something that we hadn’t experienced previously.”

Filip Sládecka: “I’m struggling. I need to work on the car’s set up, but also on my feeling in driving it. My only previous experience in a TCR car was 15 laps in Petr Fulín’s SEAT, which was not enough…”

Mat’o Homola: “I’m still not happy with the set up. We have a lot of work to do yet.”

Luigi Ferrara: “I feel better now, as I was able to know the track with the sunshine. The car looks ok and I was on the way to improve when I ran out of fuel. I think I could easily lap in 2:10.”

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